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The secret to combining reflexology body detox and Nabs Delight Detox effectively

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How to reflexology body detox

There are many different ways to eliminate toxins in the body, in which reflexology is one of the ways that is not too new but increasingly trusted. Because, according to studies, each acupuncture point on the body will represent a given agency such as Liver, Kidney, Lungs, Spleen, Heart, …

Detoxifies the kidneys: Using the " Dũng Tuyền" acupuncture points under the soles of your feet when creating toes will create a dent. Every day, just press and gently thumb this area for about 5 minutes until you feel it stopped.

Detoxifies the liver: Because the liver is a place where many toxins are accumulated, it is necessary to reflexology body detox, and acupuncture points to detoxify the liver are called “ thái xung” . This point is located in the concave area between the big toe and the second finger on the instep. Every day, take 3-5 minutes to use this thumb to press and light this acupuncture point until you feel a little numb and stop.

Detoxifies the lungs: Acupuncture points used to detoxify the lungs are called “ Hợp cốc”, located on the back of the hand between your thumb and index finger. You can press this point with your thumb for 3-5 minutes a day to help your lungs be stronger.

Detoxifies the heart: Acupuncture points used to detoxify heart is called” Thiếu phủ”, located in the palm of the hand, in the gap between the 4th and fourth finger bones. To detoxify your heart, use your thumb to push hard for 4-5 minutes a day.

Detoxifies the spleen: Acupuncture used to detoxify is located in the recess below the inner ankle. To detox, use your thumb to press points within 3 minutes every day when listening to pangolins, stop.

Detoxing the body by acupressure is both simple and easy to do

Detoxing the body by acupressure is both simple and easy to do


Combining acupressure and using Nabs Detox

To enhance the body's detoxification effect, besides pressing 5 above points, you should combine with Nabs Detox one of the safest and effective detoxification pills today. Every day, you should spend 10-15 minutes to press the acupuncture points in the morning or evening. In particular, in the evening before taking acupressure, you should take 2 Nabs Detox tablets, then take reflexology for 10-15 minutes. Persistently apply in parallel 2 ways within 45 days, during the detoxification period you should also drink plenty of water to increase efficiency.

Nabs Detox is a product that helps purify the body

Nabs Detox is a product that helps purify the body


Nabs Detox is a product that helps purify the body, eliminating toxins accumulated in the stomach, lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, ... When used, the toxins will be taken out quickly, helps keep the body healthy, the skin is smooth, and also supports great weight loss. Therefore, when combining acupressure and body use Nabs Detox, the process of elimination of toxins will take place more quickly and effectively.

How to identify genuine Nabs Detox

In order to use Nabs Detox in combination with body reflexology, choosing a genuine detox tablet is extremely important. However, Nabs Detox is sold a lot in the market today, so you should know how to identify genuine products such as:

Design, product packaging: With genuine Nabs Detox products, there are anti-counterfeiting stamps on the packaging, brand information, ingredients,... In addition, the letters printed on the packaging are clear and crisp, not blurred or smudged like fake goods.

Barcode: To check if the product is genuine or not, users can check the product barcode.

Prices: One of the ways to evaluate genuine products is the product price. Nabs Detox products have a certain list price and based on manufacturers' prices that users can compare, do not choose products that are too cheap.

Nabs Detox is a product that helps purify the body​​​​​​​


In addition ways to distinguish the above-mentioned, users should look to reputable suppliers.

If you have demand detoxify the body and wants to use Nabs Detox. We are committed to providing 100% genuine Nabs Detox pills, ready to refund if detected low-quality goods. 

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